The beauty of being the same

Rationalising The Universe

As is the case with many of the important things in the universe, they pass by without due consideration. Today we muse over a funny old thing – symmetry. The feature photograph for this post is a photograph I took in St Isaac’s cathedral, just across from Hotel Astoria in St Petersburg where I had the good fortune of staying for 4 nights. Looking up at that dome really was breath taking and I can promise you I didn’t find Jesus – it is the symmetry that does it.

According to Wikipedia, which on this instance I have no cause to doubt the word itself originates from  Greek συμμετρία symmetria “agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement”. When you think about it simply, symmetry is a mirror image – an exact replica of what is on one side on the other. To be honest for most cases this will actually do for…

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